About Megan

Style is something that has been a part of me since... since forever. I guess I could trace it back to when I was in 7th grade and I saw Posh Spice on MTV wearing the exact same pair of Aldo blue foam platforms that I had been living in for the past few weeks. I had always coveted the Spice Girl’s shoes, believing I’d never be able to afford them, but this time I had them first. I was elated. This fashion spotting occurs frequently now, in my retro pink pastel Reeboks found at a thrift store making a come-back or in a mass produced tank that I purchased full price years ago resurfacing on the cover of Maxim.



My experiences working at a re-sale shop and in my personal life, up until know, have allowed me to refine my personal style and influence others in their styling decisions. I have the confidence to wear trends not yet mainstream, a confidence that adds value to an otherwise thrifty ensemble.

I fell in love with fashion when I worked at a resale store called Buffalo Exchange for two years in my late teens. It was then that I discovered that I wanted to go to school for Fashion Marketing and upon graduating I high tailed it to the fashion capital of the world, NYC! While in NYC I honed my fashion tech skills and I helped grow the online store of a luxury consignment shop on the Upper East Side.

Working in resale has allowed me to use my shopping skills to their fullest. When you work at a resale shop employees see fresh merchandise first. There are even designated racks for employee holds which allow us to set aside the best priced and coolest clothing while we were on the clock. I’ve always loved expressing myself creatively through clothing and dressing to impress. Some of my longest and closest friends have never seen me in the same outfit twice. Now I’m ready to share those outfits with the world and also make room in my closet by putting my own personal wardrobe up for sale!

I look forward to the opportunity of sharing my fashion evolution with you – and hope to inspire you to share with me. Please reach out to me with style questions, comments, or just a simple hi!

Check out some recent videos I've styled and stared in with my sister-in-law!